2021 Ford Explorer

The Explorer is among the most anticipated models for the next year, as it is about to come completely new. The last we saw a redesign of this model was in 2011. For that event, we saw a lot of substantial changes, such as the switch to a contemporary unibody platform. The upcoming redesign will bring radical changes too. We are about to see a new design, along with considerable development in size. We count on other novelties also, on those modes typical for redesigns. This consists of new styling, powertrain, and so on. The 2021 Ford Explorer will come just a year after this redesign. However, that does not mean we won’t see some interesting novelties.

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The upcoming redesign is bringing a lot of novelties, and we believe that all of them will continue in the 2021 Ford Explorer as well. Most likely, the most significant change of this overhaul is a new platform. The new model will ride on the company’s new architecture, codenamed CD6. It will be used for future big cars, and its essential feature is the RWD design. This is a pretty crucial change, as the existing model features front-wheel drive. Of course, AWD will remain in the deal as well. In any case, this promises a more exciting driving experience for sure.

Another essential change remains in terms of size. The new model will be significantly larger than the outgoing model. It will get more than 6 inches in wheelbase and also feature longer overall length. This indicates that the new Explorer is aiming to chauffeurs that are thinking about models like Chevy Traverse, which stands someplace between mid- and full-size segments, with generous legroom in all three rows of seats.

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2021 Ford Explorer Styling

This redesign will bring novelties in regards to aesthetics, and the 2021 Ford Explorer will follow all these changes. While the overall shape will keep a familiar shape, just in a larger package, we count on a new front face. It will be based upon the company’s most recent design language. This means a more prominent grille style, as well as new headlights and much more parts. On the other side, the rear end will not change that much, so count on relatively familiar style options.

For the 2021 Ford Explorer, we could see a couple of small updates, such as new color options and similar things.

2021 Ford Explorer Engines

Rely on two gas engines in the offer for the 2021 Ford Explorer. Base models need to feature a familiar 2.3-liter turbo inline-four engine, which is excellent for about 285 horsepower however might feature a minor power increase with this celebration. Higher trims must include a new 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder unit, which is anticipated to feature a max output of around 400 horsepower. Likewise, depending on a new 10-speed automated transmission.

Hybrid Powertrain

Energized versions of the new crossover most likely will not be all set for the initial launch, so they should debut with the 2021 Ford Explorer. At this moment, we are still waiting for more exact details, but it looks quite specific that the new model will feature both standard and plug-in hybrid powertrain. The previous will most likely be based on an older-generation 3.3-liter V6 engine, while the latter one should feature several electrical motors combined with a new twin-turbo engine.

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2021 Ford Explorer Release Date and Price

We expect to see the 2021 Ford Explorer sometime in the last quarter of the next year. At this point, details about the cost are still unavailable, though we believe it won’t deviate too much from the current model which begins at around $32,500.

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